Fort Morgan
Clean Beach Initiative

Each of us is responsible for protecting and preserving our beautiful beach here in Fort Morgan. Alabama strives to provide a safe, clean, family-friendly environment for everyone visiting, but we need your help! Here are some tips for enjoying our coast responsibly. The following simple steps will assist you in keeping our island clean and protecting local wildlife during your stay:

  • Please, please, please don’t litter! Pack out all your trash and recycle what you can.
  • Pack up or stack up beach chairs, gather beach toys, fold and carry out the tent every evening after your day at the beach. Beach equipment left out overnight could pose a risk to nesting Sea Turtles!
  • Refill all holes! They can cause injury to wildlife and people. Be careful when playing in holes, as falling sand from side collapses can be dangerous.

Come, stay, play and enjoy the striking beauty and laid-back lifestyle of the Alabama coast. We simply ask that you take with you all those happy beach memories... and leave only footprints.

Beach equipment left out overnight (like chairs, tents, and toys) could injure or kill a Sea Turtle as it tries to build its nest.

Our Partners

For more information on beach etiquette, clean beach programs, and our Fort Morgan beaches, please check out the links below:

Alabama Coastal Foundation

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