The Fort Morgan Civic Association is comprised of property owners, business owners, permanent residents and others interested in the preservation of the Fort Morgan Peninsula.  To become a voting member, you must own or reside permanently on property in this area.  Associate (non-voting ) members need not reside or own property here. Dues are $15 per year and include receipt of the monthly Fort Morgan NEWS.  To become a member, follow either Membership Application process by mail or Membership Application process electronically as follows:

Membership Application process by mail:

  1. Click on Membership Application (fillable form) below, complete, and print.

  2. Write check for $15

  3. Mail Membership Application and check to: 

              Fort Morgan Civic Association
              P.O. Box 5313 • Gulf Shores, AL 36547

Membership Application process electronically:

       NOTE: The fillable form will not work on Chrome or Edge browsers.

                    Please use another browser

  1. Click on Membership Application (fillable form) below, complete, and select “Submit Form”. Email will open in your email window. Complete email and send.

       NOTE: Membership Dues is $15.00 and $3.00 is PayPal processing fee.

                   Minimum amount is $18.00, however, we accept any donations above

                   the required amount for Membership Dues.

  2. Click on PayPal link (Donate) below and follow prompts to pay Membership Dues.

Executive Board


   President                       Joe Emerson

   Vice President               Ernie Church

   Treasurer                       Greg Strategier             Secretary                       Carol Kittrell

Committee Chairs


Land Use & Conservation 
Local Govt Liaison

State Govt Liaison

Future Options  


Thelma Strong

Chan West

Judy Newcomb

Bonnie Lowry

Michael Ludvigsen

Ernie Church

Jennifer Noojin

Karrie Lovins

Vickie Matranga

Fort Morgan News Editions

Previous year Fort Morgan News Editions have been archived.

To access archived Fort Morgan News Editions click on More tab then select Archived Newsletters or click here.


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